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Soulfull Journees is a travel boutique based in Mumbai, founded by Ms Dipti Patil. It all started with her love for travelling and exploring new destinations. As she kept travelling across countries, she experienced that the world is infact so united through our natural heritage, unique cultures and wonderful civilizations.

Dipti being a tourism research consultant for more than 12 years; have a deeper understanding and sensitivity about tourism as a concept rather than a business. Soulfull Journees was born with the idea of providing new experiences for travellers in a sustainable manner.

We utilize our industry experience, vendor knowledge and longstanding industry relationships to ensure every travel experience surpasses our clients’ exacting expectations.

No matter what sort of trip you’re thinking of, you can be sure that we have the expertise to make planning it a breeze.  Give us a call today to receive a free consultation from the best agents in the biz.

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Sustainable Tourism is about making a positive impact on the places that one visits; by being responsible for the environment, people, and their culture. It acts as a catalyst for the conservation of the old monuments, natural resources, and indigenous cultures and traditions.
While villages are getting urbanized, it’s our prime duty to keep ourselves rooted in the past and conserve our rich heritage.  It is important to inculcate the feeling of oneness by getting the future generations acquainted with our culture through various art forms, food, monuments, and our history.
Although tourism as an industry would definitely leave various impacts, we positively contribute to offering sustainable ways of exploring the destinations by promoting eco-friendly ways of creating experiences and encouraging travellers to take up bike rides, do treks and respect the local cultures. We select the best of homestays and eco-resorts for accommodations along with authentic cuisine. We conduct workshops for learning and promoting native arts and crafts. We try our best to minimize the use of plastic and other pollutants, to keep the environment clean and healthy.
Soulfull Journees looks forward to endorsing responsible tourism by being respectful towards nature and people alike. We contribute some parts of our earnings to the local communities and empower them to be self-sustainable.

About Us: About Us
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